Let’s see.
We are Chantal and Esther from CLUBS SPORTSWEAR.
The popularity of golf is growing enormously, which of course is good news.
Besides being our passion, we have also found that there is a lot of demand
is to fashionable and comfortable golf clothing.
That’s why we started designing this since 2019.

CLUBS SPORTSWEAR works under the motto: Perfect style, Perfect fit.
We focus on the female golfer who likes fashionable design and a
excellent fit’

Quality is our first place!

The clothing is made with great care and attention, both in terms of the environment and
Labor. The collection was designed by ourselves in the Netherlands.
We go for good quality with beautiful fabrics that fit perfectly with any
Body. The fabrics are comfortable and practical.
All our models are available in sizes S to XL!

We do fair production.
The companies we work with are all certified.
This means that all waste is split and recycled.
The verve and printers must also meet the standards of the
European Union for cleaning of contaminated water. All the water is cleaned on the property itself.
Huge installations have been installed for this purpose.

The paint and dyes also meet the standards.
There are certain substances that have not been used for years,
because they are not degradable. The working conditions in the factories are also of this time.
No child labour and market according to salaries.